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Course Outline

Our courses consist of 33 classes of approximately 2 hours per session. The instruction language is either English or Greek, as per the group's preference.
We will follow the Cisco Press Official certification Guide's structure and flow, and will at first cover all the material of the CCENT exam.

ICND1 topics will be covered in these courses:

  1. Introduction to the Cisco world
  2. Network Layers, Network Stacks, and the Layered Approach
  3. Ethernet Networks and concepts
  4. WAN concepts and technologies
  5. IP addressing theory and practice
  6. Switching concepts
  7. Operating Cisco equipment
  8. Configuring Cisco switches
  9. Troubleshooting Cisco LANs – CDP
  10. Wireless LANs (theory)
  11. IP subnetting & addressing revisited
  12. Cisco routers operation
  13. Routing concepts – Static Routing – RIP configuration
  14. RIP – troubleshooting Practice
  15. WAN technologies – NAT-PAT-DHCP-SDM

At this point, our students can take the CCENT exam, since they will at this point have all the neccesary knowledge and skills to pass the exam.
Next, we will continue with the ICND2 topics:

  1. VLANs and Trunking concepts
  2. VLAN configuration, Trunking configuration practice
  3. VTP, VTP configuration practice, Introduction to STP theory
  4. RSTP theory, STP configuration practice
  5. Layer 2 troubleshooting, revision of IP routing
  6. Router-on-a-stick, VLSM, static routes, secondary IP addresses
  7. IP ACLs (theory, introduction & command syntax)
  8. ACL practice & Routing Path troubleshooting (ping, traceroute)
  9. Routing protocol theory
  10. OSPF concepts, Basic configuration
  11. OSPF configuration practice (multi area, link costs, Auto-BW), EIGRP concepts
  12. EIGRP configuration & troubleshooting
  13. Point-to-Point WAN links, PPP theory, PPP and CHAP configuration practice
  14. Frame Relay Concepts, (LMI, DLCI,PVC, NBMA networks, FECN, BECN, DE bits)
  15. Frame Relay Configuration practice (pt-to-pt, multipoint) & troubleshooting FR
  16. VPN theory
  17. NAT concepts and CLI configuration practice
  18. IPv6 theory & configuration practice

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