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Free Introductory Class

We are offering an Introductory class on CCNA to anyone who is interested and is available to come to our location for the 2 hours of the class duration. During this class, we will:

  1. Introduce Cisco certifications
  2. Introduce the structure of Cisco certifications and how each certification relates to other certifications
  3. Show free online study resources that can be used to Self-study for the CCNA.
  4. Show available books that can be used to Self-study for the CCNA.
  5. Discuss video courses that can be purchased
  6. Discuss lab equipment that can be used to self-study for the CCNA exam.
  7. Show where to buy Cisco Lab Equipment for low prices, so you can purchase it, and the setup the lab will need.
  8. Software that can be used to simulate some of the hardware needed to study for the CCNA.
  9. Forums that anyone learning Cisco should become a member of.
  10. Discuss a self-study plan, and the advantages of Self-study vs. instructor-led classes

After the class is over, there will be no obligation on any participant's part to attend our classes from that point on.
Feel free to contact us through our contact form to inquire about our next free Introductory Class. We usually have one every month.

We hope to see you there! (Bring your pen and notepad)

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